How To Book A Tatkal Ticket

By | December 7, 2016

With regards to trying to obtain a┬áTatkal booking, Internet network and speed is one element that we have a tendency to disregard. Quicker web speeds can mystically change over your “possibly waitlisted” ticket into an affirmed ticket! With a rapid expansive bandwith, a quick internet connection such as LTE or a home ip address can allow you to rapidly book the Tatkal ticket with ease. Many people want these highly desirable tickets s0 having the best internet connection will allow yo to beat others in obtaining the ticket. However i would recommend not booking these tickets over the phone or on public wifi because there internet connections are very slow compared to your home internet connection.

Also what is very important is the type of web browser that you are using to access the website. Some browsers may load the website incorrectly or not quickly enough to book the ticket. Make sure your browser is able to block ads and disable images because rich media such as this will slow down the load time drastically. If you are able to load the website quicker than others cause the media is disabled this will give you a significant advantage in obtaining the elusive Tatkal ticket.